Known as the “City of Golden Friendship” and famous for its whitewater rafting or kayakingadventures, that has been one of the tourism activity being promoted in the Cagayan de Oro River. Regional center of Northern Mindanao. Provincial capital city of the province of Misamis Oriental.




Whitewater Rafting Adventure in Cagayan de Oro is a must thing to do while staying in City because it will offer you 3-4 courses depending on the company you choose. You’ll be enjoying your adventure while learning how to paddle up your adrenaline!

Beginner course which is only P700.00 per head, you’ll be experiencing a maximum of 3 hours rapid run while beating up the mighty rapids of the Cagayan de Oro River.

Advance course which will lead you to a maximum of 4 hours rapid run depending on how you do the paddle and the rush. Some whitewater rafting companies offer the advance II course for P1,200 per head which is a bit advanced to the first one. For only P1,000 per head, you’ll be experiencing the course (advance 1) and enjoying more great rapids than the beginner course.

The last course is actually not for the faint-hearted individuals but for the enthusiasts and brave-heart travelers that is why is it called the Extreme course. For only P2,000 per head, this dare-devil adrenaline adventure will let you experience a real extreme adventure while playing around the mighty rapids of Cagayan River. Another course that you can actually avail is the Night Whitewater Rafting for P2,000 per head which has the minimum of 6 person. I’m not suggesting this for everyone especially the faint-hearted but this is a real fmagnificent adventure, extreme than the extreme course. What’s the catch of this is that, you’ll be playing the mighty world-class rapids of the river by night time.  And yes, this has been experienced by other travelers which is inloved with purely extreme, nerve cracking, fast-breathing adventure.



Two words to describe this type of shopping in CDO: IT’S CHEAP! Tourists looking for either food or shopping delights flock to the Divisoria Night Market  at Plaza Divisoria, a 15-minute walk away from the Budgetel Inn in the city. This plaza in the downtown area is just a typical city park but transforms into a night market every Friday and Saturday night, open from 6pm up to 3am. From students to professionals and businessmen, from budget-conscious to rich individuals, from locals to tourists, even the foreigners. Everyone is indeed invited to visit this area for free! A wide-selection of foods are just waiting there for you to try and tastes. Forget about your diet and just enjoy your dine in while listening around the live music and/or enjoy watching the people meeting around the place.



After going on a white water rafting adventure why not try river trekking so you would find total adventure and a new set of thrill. 🙂

Both will provide you excitement and wonder—pick your type of action! Brave the Cagayan river rapids on your own kayak or try something different and ride round tubes instead of rafts!  No worries because they will provide you lessons first before you actually try it. Kayaking at the Cagayan River serves a minimum of 3 persons while tubing is for a minimum of 5. You can avail this great adventure which includes free transfers from Divisoria to the jump-off and from end-point back to the city, Safety gears (helmet, life jacket, buoyancy aid), Park Entrance Fees, and Packed Lunch. Don’t worry because there are certified river and trek guides that will accommodate you through out your actual experience. 🙂

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