White sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, swaying palm trees, fresh ocean air, friendly laid back locals, it’s the perfect place to escape the stress of daily life and enjoy this beautiful tropical island. Anyone who wants to experience a Cebu resort in an area that is free from thousands of tourists ? I guess this is your chance to visit Malapascua Island. 


Malapascua Island is a small tropical island surrounded by blue water teeming with vivid marine life and best known in scuba diving community. This island also takes pride of its white sandy beaches, lighthouse, snorkeling sites, sunset and sunrise and the warm of the hospitality of the locals.

 dive-courses-top Calanggaman-Island-near-Malapascua malapascua-island-thresher-shark

Malapascua Island has some awesome underwater attractions that are of great interest to divers. The Thresher shark draws divers from around the world who go to the island just to see it. It is one of the few places in the world that you can see the shark on almost a daily basis. Head out to Monad Shoal early in the morning where the thresher shark come to be “cleaned” by the many cleaner wrasse schooling on top of the reef. The shoal ranges from 12 m (at the top) to 28 m with a sheer drop off down to 45 m. It’s possible to catch sight of giant manta rays, octopus and lion fish. Even on land you can’t escape these thresher sharks with hundreds of souvenir t-shirts, wood carvings and necklaces for sale across the island. Other diving spots around Malapascua are Gato Island, a marine reserve and sea snake sanctuary. A great dive site with many soft corals with numerous marine life that you’re likely to encounter such as branded sea snakes, pygmy seahorses, big mouth mackerel, white tip reef sharks and frog fish to name a few. It is also a wreck diving spot where World War II Japanese wrecks can be seen. A passenger ferry that sunk in a typhoon 20 years ago is over 100 m long, with the hull being covered with blue and red soft coral. Marine life that can be seen are Colemani shrimp, scorpion fish and stingrays. Other great dive sites include Chocolate Island (stunning hard and soft corals), Light House (Mandarin fish, seahorse, bobtail squid and big crabs) and Bantigue (great for micro).


Malapascua Island Sunset


Malapascua Island isn’t necessarily only for divers either, non-divers have plenty of things to enjoy and do. Bounty Beach is the main beach and where most of Malapascua resorts, bars and restaurants are located. The beach offers the tourist a lovely stretch of white sand and crystal clear waters. It’s just perfect for sun baking, swimming and relaxing.

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